Do you struggle with writing all you need to write for your business?

Do your articles, marketing copy, sales pages, and promotional materials really connect to your potential clients?

Are you at a loss as to how you should be marketing, what you should writing in order to market, and how any of that meets your bigger business goals?

Are you losing out on potential business because you just can’t convey your authentic message to those who need to hear it?


It’s probably because you’re not writing from your soul.

Sure, you’re trying to find the right words, understand your audience’s pain, clearly convey what you do and how you can help.

But there’s a piece that’s missing. It’s that deep place within you, that conviction around what you’re doing, why what you’re doing is so darned important.

It’s hard to write from that place right off the bat. It’s scary to be that vulnerable.

I have to tell you, though, that when you do write from that place, you connect powerfully to your audience. It’s more than the words. It’s as if they’re connected to you. And they want to keep that connection going. They want more – because they feel you get them. You understand them.

That is so attractive, and they’ll be compelled to read more – to want more – to work with you.

Isn’t the whole point for you to make a difference, for you to do what you KNOW you should be doing in the world, that purposeful work that drives you?

What if conveying that purposeful work could be easier?

I’ve been writing since I could form letters, and I’ve been helping people communicate and write better for all my adult life. I’ve taught English, literature, English as a second language, literacy for adults, writing and the writing process to business owners. I also work with business owners in writing all sorts of marketing copy: website pages, sales pages, promotional materials, training materials. In addition, I work with authors on birthing their books, bringing those books out into the world, and actually getting the darn things written!

Long story short, I am a Content Creator Extraordinaire! And YOU have powerful content that’s just itching to burst forth!

Content GraphicSo what if you start putting some of that content out into the world?

What I know is that when people can speak and write powerfully, the world stops and listens. And follows.

In my work with my wonderful clients for over a dozen years, I’ve realized that I follow the same process with them to help them uncover their deeper message and purpose and then put that message and purpose to words.  I’ve put together that powerful process for Writing From Your Soul into one 13-step system. This process allows you to uncover your deep message, your audience, and what the authentic you really wants to say.

It’s my gift to you – because my purpose is to help you connect to the world. And when you can do that, the words just flow. It’s an amazing experience to be part of. It’s that in-the-zone feeling. You forget about perfect. You forget about playing it safe. You forget that it might be scary to put yourself out there this strongly.

Here’s what you get in the Writing From Your Soul system:

  • Why writing from your soul is so important
  • The 13-step process for Writing From Your Soul
  • And the bonus – 10 things to know before you get started

What will this do for you?

What about being able to write more easily?

The words flowing?

A clear, powerful message that you can’t wait to get out?

Creating content that gets you noticed… more credibility, more visibility, and more clients?

So are you ready to jump in? Are you ready to see what you can say to the world in a powerful, authentic way? Are you ready to connect your message to the world?

Sign up for my free Writing From Your Soul process…. you’ll get this powerful, step-by-step system you can follow for each and every piece of writing – articles, blog posts, sales copy, marketing emails, promotional materials, affiliate materials…

Imagine doing it easily. More importantly, imagine connecting to that deep place within you and extending that connection to your potential client and customer base.

I know you can write from your soul. I can’t wait to help you get started!

Write from your soul – and connect to the world.


Writing From Your Soul: necessary for a rich, fulfilling life.

Pretty big words, huh? They’re easy words to live by… and hard words. It’s kind of like the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short.” In the big picture, we KNOW we want to be our best, deepest, most authentic selves. Day-to-day, though, it’s easy to get caught up in small and big drama, kids sick, homework to review, the report due to the client tomorrow, what to make for dinner…

I’ve been where you are… There was a time when, even though my stated big dream was to be a published author, I made very little headway on a daily basis. It was the big goal, but my daily actions didn’t support it.

That’s why I’ve created most of the programs and products I offer here… because *I* needed them! I need to have space to write.  I need to be accountable.  I need to have systems and processes to help me manage my business so I have more time to follow my writing dreams. I need other processes to help me figure out what I want to say – and sometimes how to say it.

What does that mean to you? It means you get the benefit of all my writing angst, and you can join me on my monthly Just Write! Virtual Workshops (perfect for ME to write, too). If you want regular tools, support, classes, and time to write (and who doesn’t?!), check out my Creating Content Club, only $19 a month!  Of course, there are all the products I’ve created to help YOU write and market from your soul.

Finally, because I love doing it, if you need the support of an experienced, in-the-trenches writing coach, I’m your gal. I offer private coaching programs to help you create powerful content that gets you noticed, write from your soul, create a website that is aligned with you and your business, and book-coaching programs. Be in touch with me, and we’ll talk about how I can best help you.