I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years in a variety of ways:  coaching, speaking, consulting, training, facilitating…

Here’s what a few of them had to say about working with me.

"I needed to jumpstart some personal projects, but never seemed to find the time. I always stay focused on client work. The longer I stayed away from these projects, the harder it was to begin.

Dawn's workshop helped boost my enthusiasm and project momentum with some serious blocks of writing time. I was excited to see just how much I had accomplished by focusing on my project list - without distraction. I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone needing to jumpstart writing projects."

Angela Wilson

“I'm really excited and just wanted to share with everyone that my pug children's book is finally out in the world. I wrote this during a Just Write Workshop and did the press release during the 15 days of writing for 15 minutes a day. Thanks so much, Dawn, for arranging sacred writing time.”

"Dawn immediately touched my heart from the moment of our first conversation. She is authentic, warm, cheery and caring. I had the pleasure of being coached by a special someone that is connected and true to her Self. Her end result is always the same; for her clients to speak their inner voice. She regularly stated that every one of us has something important to share with the world. We just have to find a way to let it out without judgment and criticism. Dawn was my way of allowing the message to surface and let it go through writing.

Dawn gave me generous and much needed support and guidance to dig deeper, and still continue to be true to myself. We quickly gloss things over when deep issues arise, not wanting to face them, but Dawn continued to encourage me and always expected me to do my best. She challenged me to see things differently and to believe in my message, as well as the writing process.

Dawn’s coaching empowers and challenges you to work deep; to find the core of your thoughts; to hear your voice; and to authentically be who you really are. Her process of writing is very healing. I highly recommend Dawn for the novice to the advanced. She gave me the confidence and trust to believe in me. Thank you, Dawn. I bless you for all you have done to help me."

Desiree Leigh Thompson, Ph.D

"Before I started working with Dawn, I was struggling with how to revise the message on my association website. I felt it wasn't focused on what was best for my audience of virtual assistants. Once Dawn reviewed my content, she asked me to describe what I ultimately wanted visitors to do. Then she gave me some ideas around how to share that message and craft the content. As a result of Dawn's coaching, my association members have gotten engaged and helped with the new design. I have learned to keep asking 'what's in it for them' as I continue working on the site. Dawn is exactly what I needed -- an impartial set of eyes!"

"Working with Dawn was one of the best decisions I made when writing a sales page for an upcoming event. As a writer, I thought I had written great content, but with Dawn’s creative insight, I found a much more successful way to communicate the event. She coached me topic by topic and line by line by asking probing questions and offering much more productive solutions. Because of my work with Dawn, I have been able to use those same strategies to create quality content for other sales pages and blog posts. Not only is she super knowledgable, but Dawn is one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. She encourages you to stretch yourself and your communication to a whole new level."

Esther Hughes

"Dawn and I have done a lot of work on refining my business systems and marketing copy. I had done a lot of training with other teachers and had a good base started for my business. But Dawn's systems-oriented mind is really helping me take each part of my marketing and business and refine it. Dawn's encouraging feedback on my weekly accountability emails has been really helpful, as have just taking the time to write a detailed reflection on how I'm doing for the week. I've also really appreciated the monthly Just-Write Virtual Writing Workshops to have focused time for writing in community."

"If you are in need of honest feedback and great advice on branding, I would definitely recommend Dawn Shuler. Dawn looked at my website and gave me some great suggestions on bringing the theme to my Facebook and other social media platforms, and it's been a big help. Sometimes you just don't see what others see, and this kind of feedback is really important to get the message across that you are trying to get others to hear. Thanks Dawn!"

Linda Larson-Schlitz

"With Dawn's wise counsel, expertise and coaching, I've shifted from "I can't write" to "I'm a writer, who knew?!" Under her guidance, I've successfully co-authored a chapter in a published book, drafted all my website copy, and started a blog! This came after years of "stuckness" and procrastination.

Dawn helped me get out of my own way by listening deeply to what I was saying, feeling and wanting. She then helped find creative strategies that fit me and provided constant encouragement and direct feedback along the way. She is a rigorous accountability partner, yet we shared a lot of laughter and fun too. I highly recommend Dawn - she is a wonderful person, trusted business partner and friend."

Lee Ann Wurster-Naefe, PCC

"Coaching with Dawn was more than I expected. There was support for me as well as the sharing of techniques that were specific to me. Not only me personally in a broad sense, but also specific to where I was in my process. There were times when I would end our conversations having not only come to a realization about a problem or dilemma that I had not been aware of that was holding me back, but also with the solution to that dilemma. Things that I know, looking back, would have taken me weeks or months to work through, I was able to identify and problem solve after one session.

I had not acknowledged the extent to which my negative self-talk got in the way of my productivity and creativity. Dawn's gentle but firm approach was ceaseless in guiding to that awareness and encouraging me to take a more positive approach, not only to my project, but to myself. At this point, I am more supportive of myself and the creative process.

There were times in talking with Dawn that I already had all the answers; it just took the trust in the relationship that she built with me to confirm those answers. It's like talking through a situation with a best friend that you trust to tell you the truth that you already know. As a result of those experiences, I now trust myself more and spend less energy second guessing and more on just enjoying the process.

As a result of coaching with Dawn, I am going to finish the project that she helped me with. I realize now that my biggest enemy is my time/schedule and not some inherent weakness in my abilities."

Dessie Z.
Prunedale, California

"I'm not really a fan of writing. In fact, it's one of those things that I dread and will put off endlessly. However, I struggle with the fact that I have plenty of things to say and an uncertainty around getting it on paper. I can imagine that this may be true for many people!

Working with Dawn does not simply leave you with the joy of having written something, FINALLY. What she does is work with you to dig deep and find out what the real obstacles are that are keeping you from writing. For me personally it was scheduling issues and accountability. I once attended one of her Just Write Workshops and found that I had been so productive with my writing AND happy with the result. This I feel was due to having to be accountable and having set aside the time for the workshop. Plus, registering for a workshop represents a commitment and investment in my own endeavors, so it's easier to make and take the time, I've found.

In addition to the workshops, Dawn offers one-on-one coaching which is VERY valuable as it allows her to help you find solutions quickly and help you develop a strategy that works specifically for you. Whatever you need, Dawn can assist you with finding your voice and help you write from your soul."

Amy Suzanne Taggart, CEO

"Working with Dawn has exponentially increased my writing skill and removed barriers impacting my motivation to pick up the pen and write. She is positive, supportive and knowledgeable. Her methods for teaching encouraged me fill the scary white blank page with creative new ways to get points across. She made the writing fun!

Since working with Dawn, the return on my investment of time and money has well exceeded my expectations. I no longer run from the opportunity to say yes to proposals, articles, and blog entries. In addition, Dawn is an excellent and affirming editor with great suggestions for improving anything I write."

Roselyn Kay, MSOD, PCC

"Dawn is one of the most caring instructors I’ve had the privilege to learn from. I took her course Ready, Set, Write to polish my writing skills, learn new tools to break through writer’s block, and boost my writing confidence. She gave genuine constructive critiques of the writing samples and empowered me to stretch my efforts for better writing. The toolbox resources she provided have been printed out and are dog-earred from usage.

Having so many choices and stimulators for unlocking my creativity is like being given the keys to the locked room. Dawn, you have an amazing knack of getting us to dig deep to find the ‘inner writer’ inside and encourage the creativity that’s way down deep to simply bubble up to the surface where it can freely flow.

Thank you, Dawn, for helping me to move past my self-imposed writing blocks to press forward and see topics from fresh angles. I’ve recommend Dawn’s courses many times in the past and will continue to confidently refer Write Well U courses."

Ruth Martin

"The Ready, Set Write program unlocked my creative juices, even though I have spent years in a creative profession as a designer, this program gave me new ways to tap into my creative goddess and let her out. I developed another level of self understanding at the same time around how I work best, who I need to bring into my business to help and compliment my strengths, and permission to really be me rather then trying to force myself to be and do things that I am not wired for.

I look forward to practicing and implementing my new skills and knowledge into my business and life."

Chris Baeza
Immaculata University - Director of the Fashion Merchandising Program

"Dawn’s virtual writing course was just what the doctor ordered. As a coach and former journalist and speechwriter, the workshop helped me honor my declaration to work on a writing project that is critical for me. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get into flow. My output today exceeded my expectations. Dawn’s winning formula of supporting a community of writers with a modicum of structure and a lot of encouragement was just right for me. I’m ready for the next Just Write! Virtual Workshop!"

Clarice Scriber, M.S., MCC

"The Creating Content and Writing Retreat was exactly what I needed. It was a great mixture of deep purposeful activities and time to work on my writing projects. I left feeling accomplished, rejuvenated, and re-energized about my work in the world. And, I'm still inspired by the amazing array of women that came to the retreat."

"I really enjoyed the Just Write! Virtual Workshop. I benefited from hearing other writers' woes and your helpful hints to just write - badly. It was very heartening to hear others detail their writing fears and hangups. I'm not alone! And your suggestions on how to prepare to write, setting the environment, knowing what you want to write about, following your energy, understanding that writing is an individual process.... were so valuable!"

Laurie Cohen

"The Create Your Plan for Your Business Quarterly Workshop was great - well paced - and well-thought out of what to make sure people include. The most valuable piece was having the accountability and time set aside to map out the next quarter.

I walked away realizing that mapping out a quarter of writing or marketing plans isn't that daunting. I probably spent more time sitting around thinking "I should do that," vs. just sitting down and getting it done. Now, I have everything down on paper and it's just done.

As a result, I scanned and sent my written up calendars to my VA today to put into our Google calendar that we share through email. Having everything down on a calendar saves me from distraction and self-destruction. Instead of getting overwhelmed with ideas and everything I need to get done to the point that I just don't do anything, I now have it planned out.

Now, it's time to focus and get it done!"

"I enjoyed have the guilt-free time/space to write. And pushing up against some of the things that usually get in my way of writing. The best thing about the workshop was having regimented time to write and to understand that I need to segment my writing and to declare what I'm going to write about for what purpose."

Melissa D.

"How great it is that you have a writing voice that is so up my alley and you are amazingly intuitive and creative and knowledgeable all at the same time! I feel so fortunate!! Thank you!"

Marilee Tolen, RN

“I'm really excited and just wanted to share with everyone that my pug children's book is finally out in the world. I wrote this during a Just Write Workshop and did the press release during the 15 days of writing for 15 minutes a day. Thanks so much, Dawn, for arranging sacred writing time.”

"To my utter amazement, I very much enjoyed the Just Write! workshop. I liked the togetherness with the other writers; sharing everyone's stumbling blocks and successes was very powerful. The most important thing I learned is to take time to prepare, to brainstorm. This workshop gave me that time. I will definitely be back!"

Beatrice Ten-Thye

"Thanks to the Essentials Series, I understand the relationship between the different types of content that contribute to successfully marketing my business and providing value for my tribe. And the repurposing module? Wow. Who knew that I could take a piece of writing and expand it into a larger information product, or contract it into the tiniest Tweet? It's so exciting to know that if I'm feeling short on creative ideas, I don't have to look any further than what I've already written to find inspiration and source material. Priceless!!"

"Ready, Set, Write was a liberating, playful experience. I had no idea so much could be accomplished in only an hour a week. Dawn's tips, tools, and presentations were topnotch and immensely helpful to my writing journey."

Laura Allen

"Dawn's Just Write workshop is easily worth twice the cost. You cannot imagine the power of her system until you have done it. I got more done in one afternoon than I have been able to accomplish on my own in weeks. And I used to write for a living! If you're even thinking about it, just register. You won't regret it."

"WOW! It's amazing how much you can get done when you set the intention, take the time, and participate in the 15 minutes a day for 15 days challenge. I was able to get a huge number of edits done for my next book, develop scripts, and compose letters, among other things, over the course of the three weeks. Dawn was encouraging while providing the accountability that I needed to get writing done that I had let pile up. Having a group of other folks writing at the same time was great. I would do this over and over again!"

Laurren L. Darr

"Wanting to polish my writing skills for content on future articles, websites, eZines, etc. for my clients and myself, I was fortunate enough to find Write Well U, and I have just finished five weeks of a creative writing class with the fabulous Dawn M. Goldberg! The classes involved writing, reading, creating and reviewing and were so much fun!

I believe some of us, at one time or another, have felt we didn't have a creative bone in our body but with Dawn's guidance and expertise, I was able to open up and express my thoughts and ideas in ways that flowed easily.

I feel confident that through these new skills and strategies, I'll really be able to offer my clients the powerful content they're looking for to make them stand out in the crowd!"

Jackie Finch
Virtual Excellence

"I took Ready, Set, Write because I have a biography to write that has taken me two years to get done. It's not a long biography, but I've struggled with trying to figure out what direction to take. Well, thanks to Dawn's RSW class, not only was I able to narrow down my focus through the exciting strategies, I learned that pre-writing can be fun and it is definitely useful. (I'll never skip this step again.) My writing feels more concise and to the very point I was trying to convey. I have a newfound fondness for pre-writing thanks to the RSW Toolkit and my classmates. Now, I'm eagerly seeking out my next writing project!"

"I loved the Just Write! Virtual Workshop. It was a very enjoyable, supportive and highly productive experience.

I was very stuck, and the workshop really helped move me forward in several of my writing projects. By making the commitment to write at a specific time, call in, and define my own goals for each period, I got so much done and it felt great. The format and Dawn’s gentle instructions and suggestions throughout the workshop were perfect to support my writing goals. Also, Dawn’s pre-workshop questions and suggestions helped prepare me for the workshop. By breaking down the 4 hours, it never felt overwhelming and broke down it into highly productive chunks of time.

Being able to move to various writing projects, I never got bogged down in any one project, yet made great headway on all of them.

The timing, length of each segment, and the check-ins kept the momentum going, yet didn’t feel intrusive. I was actually surprised how quickly the time passed and how much I got done!

This workshop enabled me to move several critical projects ahead in relatively short time frames. I was also able to identify and work according to the energy I felt at the top of each session.

It was a great productive experience! Hope to make these a regular part of my writing life."

“I thought your From Concept to Content tele-class was inspired. You have given me a powerful tool that I am eager to share with my two friends. What an excellent facilitator you are - great job!”

Peggy Peterson

"I loved the Just Write Virtual Workshop! It was exactly the jump start I needed to resume work on my stalled writing project. The structure of the workshop was great... the check-ins were perfectly timed, and a nice break from writing. Instead of feeling stressed by trying to write for too long without a break, I stayed relaxed and in the flow. I've since learned to loosen up my definition of "writing," and keep myself in balance by working for manageable periods of time. As a spiritual writer, I feel I've found the perfect teacher in you. You helped me tap into my creative core in an effortless way. Thank you, Dawn!"

"Dawn is a delightful person that makes everyone around her feel comfortable. I have worked with Dawn in many facets through the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce. She is always there to lend a hand, provide valuable advice and strengthen the Chamber. Recently, Dawn provided her expertise at the GGCC Marketing Seminar where she delivered a superb presentation on social media. Business related, Dawn is professional and super smart. She always remembers to dot her i's and speak & write correctly. If you are looking for an individual to sharpen your writing skills ~ you have found the master."

Laura Rowles
Director of Events and Marketing | Gaitherburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce | www.ggchamber.org

"I just purchased your "Create Your Marketing Plan" tool. As you know, I am beginning to market my web design business through content creation. There are many options, and it soon became overwhelming to know what to do first. Your tool is simple but very effective. It enabled me to create my marketing plan for the next quarter in an afternoon rather than the hours I had spent spinning my wheels. Thanks, Dawn!"

Mary S. Finlayson

"Down to the last few chapters of this book and my mind seems like it has gone to mush! LOL, THEN I go back and read your articles and I am all inspired again! Thank you for that, Dawn!"

"I recently took one of Dawn's Ready, Set, Write courses. In my case, I went into the course having started on a novella years ago, and wanting to start on an eBook. In both cases, I wasn't writing enough, nor often. By week 3 of Ready, Set, Write, I was not only writing more often, but also with renewed energy and confidence. I'd never really strategized before; I just wrote. The strategies Dawn made available were hugely valuable, and in fact I'm using some of them now as I tackle my eBook."

Rob Neilly

"I loved the Just Write Workshop! Here's what I liked... thinking about what I wanted to work on ahead of time, your “rules” about free writing, and reminding me to take one step at a time.

You reminded us to just write, let it flow, and let it come out. And participating in this workshop really got my flow going. Thanks, Dawn!"

Jeanette Eleff

"I LOVE WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm too friggin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is really me right?  Gonna need a pinch......and I'm not even making money yet!  LOL!!"

Paula G. Rosario

"After listening to multiple teleconference and teleclass formats recently, I can assure you that your relaxed, down-to-earth, friendly style is refreshing. You seem very comfortable in your presentation, relaxed yet energetic at the same time. Wow! How do you do that? : - ) You are also positive and sometimes playful in your approach. Delightful!"

Deborah Lynn

"Just Write Virtual Workshop gave me the opportunity to focus - follow one course until successful - at least for 3 hours! 🙂  I loved having a specific time and amount of time set aside on my calendar to work on a particular writing task.  Writing is something that  needs to be done on a regular basis for one thing or another in my business, and it is the one thing I least like to do and it always makes me procrastinate."

"Dawn, I was suffering from writer's block when it came to my eBook - a free gift that was essential to my list building. In just 15 minutes a day for the three weeks we wrote together, I went from zero pages to over 20 pages of my first draft.

As I continue to develop and edit it, I find that my writer's block is cured! And as always, writing in your presence made the creative process feel effortless, non-judgmental and productive. I never knew 15 minutes could be so powerful. I plan to sign up for the 15-Minutes-A-Day Writing Challenge again and again!"

"Dawn, I absolutely loved the Just Write workshop! I appreciated the opportunity to silence my inner critic for half a minute and actually write! In addition, listening to the other participants and what they were experiencing was beyond valuable. What I've walked away with is that I'm less blocked and ready to deal with any writing issues that I have. Thank you!"

Judy Schwartz-Naber

"Dawn's 15 minute writing challenge was just what I needed to jar me loose from my writing inertia and get me moving. It re-energized me when I could see the forward progress I was making daily on a variety of writing projects I'd been struggling with. And it's amazing what you can get done in such a short time! Her supportive, gentle nudging as well as great insights I found to be very valuable."

Cherryll Sevy

"Your class tonight was fabulous! I often feel conflicted between creativity and logic, and the method you demonstrated allows for free flowing creativity in a logical way. The class was presented in a very pleasant, non-intimidating manner."

Missi Bryant