Just Write! Virtual Workshops – An easy way to write!
Do you have just a few things to write in your business?


When does all that get done? Today? Tomorrow? Someday?

Maybe you’ve even scheduled business and writing time in your calendar. Because, of course, you know that if it doesn’t have your focus and attention, it doesn’t happen. So you’ve scheduled your writing time, and it feels wonderful that you’re actually going to be writing.

Then that time comes, and all of the sudden, there are those extra work to-do’s that have mysteriously appeared on your list today, the unexpected client call, your teen forgot her math book AND informed you that she needs new shoes for the band concert tomorrow night, you have to figure out what to make for dinner, and you have to get all your writing stuff together and figure out where you were and…. it goes on.

So you don’t write.

This happens all the time. You want to commit to your writing and your business, and sometimes you might succeed. But unless you’re extremely self-disciplined (or you’re lucky enough to have a hard deadline looming over you), it’s much easier to default to your regular life and the external motivators that scream at you.

And nothing much gets written.

Honestly, I find myself in this position all the time. Writing and the work on my business (there”s always some form of writing from that list above) gets scheduled (either on paper or in my head), every day. I might actually get some of it done.

But not nearly enough.

Five minutes here and there just doesn’t get me where I need to be in my business.

Back in 2010, I decided that cycle of the pile of writing getting bigger and seemingly less time to work on it needed to stop. I knew what I needed was structured, focused, non-negotiable time to write. And I knew I wasn’t the only one. So I came up with the idea of the Just Write! virtual workshop.

It’s four hours of structured time with other business owners and entrepreneurs… which means it comes with tons of support and accountability.

And we get things done!

If you’d like to see some movement on your business – or just writing in general – I’d love for you to join me and other biz owners – and actually WRITE!

So what will you do in a workshop like this?

You write! You bring to the workshop whatever you’re currently working on – or want to start. There isn’t homework or guided writings (if you want that sort of thing, be in touch, and I’ll get back to you with the best program for you). This is simply a chance for you to write and work on your business, a rare chance, indeed.

It’s the support, accountability, and the structure put in place for you – you don’t have to do a thing, well, except show up and write!. And that is what will get you writing, which is the problem in the first place (the fact that we’re not writing).

How it works:

Before the workshop, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to get focused on what you want to work on during the Just Write! workshop. That way, when the workshop begins, you’ll be ready to go and don’t have to spend this precious, focused time figuring out what the heck you’re going to work on.

We’ll start the workshop with everyone introducing themselves and their projects. We’ll talk a little bit about process and exercises to clear our minds and get us going.

Then, you’ll actually have time to write, with quick check-ins throughout the workshop for support, accountability, and celebrations.

What are some things you might work on? (As if the picture above wasn’t enough of an inspiration – or a reminder!)

  • Getting clear on what you want to write
  • Articles
  • Personal journaling
  • Blog posts
  • Marketing campaign
  • Product/program materials
  • Thesis/dissertation
  • Portions of your current story or book
  • Website copy
  • Marketing copy
  • Research
  • Sales pages

By the end of the Just Write! workshop, you WILL have written, you’ll have gotten some momentum on your project, as well as some strategies for keeping that momentum going.

What you get out of a Just Write! Virtual Workshop

  • The luxury of scheduled writing time. Since you’ve scheduled it, you’ll find yourself planning what you’ll work on and maybe even start mentally creating. When it comes time to write, you’ll be off and running, not lagging and dragging.
  • Feeling part of a group with others who are writing at the same time. It’s part of witnessing, acknowledging, accountability, and support. While writing itself may be a solitary activity, it helps when you have support and understanding, especially from other writers.
  • If you block out and protect that time, you’ll find your writing takes on a whole new meaning and importance. You respect this writing time, which meant you respect your dreams.
  • We are our biggest enemy/critic. And hearing others’ experiences with this in the workshop will help move you from paralysis to actually writing.
  • There are different kinds of writing, and some kinds of writing take different energy. You’ll follow your energy, even if that means you might change direction in your original plan. As a result, what you’ll write will have a powerful impact, instead of being forced.
  • You’ll be motivated to keep writing, whether that is every day after or another scheduled time to write.

How much do you want to write?

Where to go now…

Just Write! Virtual Workshops are now offered only through the Creating Content Club, an easily affordable membership group where you get lots of accountability, support, and resources to help you with all your content creation and writing needs.  It’s only $19 a month (or you can save by buying an annual membership), and you can cancel at any time.  Check it out and see all the great things you get!