Do you find yourself with plenty of projects but no time to do them?
Do you struggle with creating content for your business1  
Do you wish you had more confidence in your writing abilities?
Do you crave structure accountability support
Would you like to write more (either for business or pleasure), but you struggle with how to start



what if

you had a place where creating wasn’t a big hairy monster, but instead was something you easily had the time to do?


what if you could write with more confidence?


what if you could easily start a sales page, blog post, article, heck, even a book chapter… instead of freezing up over how to get started?


what if you had dedicated time each month to focus on your content?


Dawn purple shadow

Dawn Shuler, Content Creator Extraordinaire

My goal ever since I was an English teacher about a million years ago was to help people write more easily and with more confidence and impact. While I’m not teaching 7th and 8th graders any more (thank goodness!), I feel the same way about the hundreds of business owners I’ve taught and coached over the last 9+ years.

I want you to write more easily.

I want you to write with more power.

I want you to write with more confidence.

Heck, I want you to write!!!

For years I’ve been offering workshops, coaching, programs, and training to help people become stronger writers – and to get things done!

I’m a business owner and a writer just like you, and my biggest challenge (like you, I’m betting!) is setting aside the time to write, create content, market my business, and to work on my bigger dream projects. It seems as if these things fall by the wayside in the busy-ness of everyday business and life.

To be blatantly honest, almost every single class, program, and workshop I’ve created is because *I* desperately needed them! I needed to find ways to simplify my life and business so that I could get things done AND work on my Big Goals. Most importantly, I needed to set aside time to work on them – because goodness knows extra time isn’t just going to plop itself into my lap!

And hundreds of people have been taking my teleclasses, webinars, programs, and workshops over the last twelve years or so because they needed what I needed – systems, support, and dedicated time!

Here comes the solution!


So, I designed the Creating Content Club as a virtual space where you can get the support and time you need to write. This Club is designed from a deep desire of the success I want for you… as well as what you need. You see, my biggest strengths – and what create the value I bring to my private coaching clients and students in my training programs – are that I can make a process and system out of anything in order to simplify it, along with a warm, caring empathy to see to the heart of your issues when it comes to writing (or not writing, as the case may be).

My goal in just about anything I do is to create a caring, safe environment for whatever needs to be done, whether in a webinar, in-person writing retreat, or virtual workshop.

I’ve combined all this into the Creating Content Club so that you can have a safe place to write, beef up your writing muscles, and get the support you need to keep on writing!


Here’s what you get each month in the Creating Content Club:

  • Just Write! Virtual Workshops – Where we come together virtually for four hours and write
  • Teleclass, webinar, and interviews on writing, creativity, or the writing process
  • 15-Minutes-A-Day Writing Challenge (offered twice a year) – For 15 days, we come together and write for 15 minutes. It’s amazing how powerful this can be!
  • Private Facebook group for community, networking, and support
  • Private membership site for members only – This is where you’ll find a calendar, schedule of events, and recordings of training webinars and interviews
  • Resources to help you write better – From checklists, worksheets, audios, exercises, and more
  • Open office hours – Here’s your opportunity to get quick answers and support (feedback on a title, where do you put the comma, etc.)
  • Discounts on my products, programs, and workshops – Get discounts not offered anywhere else!

Your investment? Only $19 a month!

Why so low? Because I want this to be a no-brainer for you. I want you to have access to resources and structure to help you write. I want to make it easy for you to get the support you need.

You get a ton for your $19 a month. Heck my Just Write! Virtual Workshops (which are part of this Creating Content Club) are $29, so you save $10 every month just by joining the Creating Content Club.

Let’s break it down…

What you get What you would normally pay

Creating Content Club
Monthly Membership

Creating Content Club
Yearly Pass
(save even more!)
Just Write! Virtual Workshop $29 checkmark checkmark
Teleclasses/Webinars $19-$97 checkmark checkmark
Writing Challenge
(Offered twice a year)
$45 each ($90 for two) checkmark checkmark
Private Facebook Group Can you really put a price
on community?
checkmark checkmark
Open Office Hours
(10-minute slots)
$33 for 10 minutes checkmark checkmark
Discounts on products,
programs, workshops
Depends on what you buy! checkmark checkmark
Save even more by paying
for a year’s membership in
the Creating Content Club
$228 for 12 months of Creating
Content Club if you paid monthly
at $19/month
TOTAL $171 – $249 per month Only $19 a month $193.80 (Save more
than $34 over paying
What you get What you would pay normally Creating Content Club
Monthly Membership
Creating Content Club
Yearly Pass
(save even more!)


What does being in the Creating Content Club do for you?

time_iconYou get focused, dedicated, set aside time to write every month, in a virtual group setting, which provides community, support, and accountability. You’ll be amazed at the momentum this creates for you and your projects. Once you get started, you’ll keep going. That’s a major deal! Like attracts like, and an object in motion stays in motion. Don’t you want to get that motion started?

classes_iconYou get training on all sorts of aspects of writing and creativity, which is going to build your writing muscles. I guarantee that it will be easier for you to write, and you’ll probably glean some great ideas from the training classes, webinars, and interviews.

You get another focused opportunity to write during the 15-Minutes-a-Day Writing Challenge, which provides structured time to make progress on your projects.

support_iconYou get the opportunity to get your questions answered by me. You don’t have to do it all alone.

You have a supportive community of like-minded content creators, writers, and entrepreneurs who are trying to do exactly what you’re doing – make it all work!

tools_iconYou get access to resources and tools, which is just going to make it easier for you to create content.

You’re going to write and create content! Which means you can put your content out into the world, because until it’s created, it’s going to stay in your head. Which further means that the more content you put out, the more visibility and credibility you get as an expert in your particular field.


are_you_ready_to_do_it_differentlyLet’s get started with your Creating Content Club membership now! 


In case you’re still thinking things over, here are some helpful things you might want to know…

  • You can cancel your membership at any time.  No strings attached.  No questions asked.  No whining or pushing from me.
  • If you sign up for the annual membership and decide to cancel before the year is up, I’ll refund the remaining pro-rated amount
  • It’s only $19 a month (even less if you sign up for a year)… what’s writing and creating content worth to you?
  • You can take advantage of the Just Write Workshops, monthly teleclasses, and resources… at YOUR leisure.  You’re not obligated to attend every single workshop or teleclass, and the recordings of the teleclasses/webinars/interviews will be available in our special private membership site – ready for you when you are.
  • The Creating Content Club is different from a writers’ group (which most often are free).  I see it like the difference between a group of guys getting together to go golfing.  They might share golfing tips, talk about challenges they’re having on the golf course, and maybe critique a few moves here and there.  Now, take a membership to a country club, where you have access to golf time, access to golf pros, and perhaps even attendance to golf clinics. The country club membership serves a whole different purpose than a group of people getting together to go golfing. That’s what the Creating Content Club is all about – giving structured time in the form of Just Write! Virtual Workshops for people to work on their content, classes or interviews with an expert each month, tools/resources/exercises I’ll be sharing, along with providing access to me.
  • If you still have questions, reach out to me… we’ll have a chat to see if the Content Creating Club is a fit for you. 



$19month_buy_buttoncreditcards Annual_Membership_buy_buttoncreditcards
Easy, peasy! Your membership will renew automatically each month on the day of the month you originally signed up.  For example, if you sign up on 5th, your membership will renew each month on the 5th. Easy, too, and you save bucks, $34 to be exact… almost two months’ free by signing up for a year.  Your membership will automatically renew on your membership anniversary.  For example, if you sign up on February 5, your membership will renew each February 5.



Here’s a snippet of what’s in the Creating Content Library…

library screenshot



Not only do you get a new webinar/interview, a new tool, a new resource, Open Office Hours with me, and a Just Write! Virtual Workshop EACH MONTH, you also get access to the last few months’ webinars, interviews, and tools.  It’s an amazing collection of writing trainings and workshops!


And if you want a bit more convincing, here’s what people have to say about working and writing with me…


"Dawn, I absolutely loved the Just Write workshop! I appreciated the opportunity to silence my inner critic for half a minute and actually write! In addition, listening to the other participants and what they were experiencing was beyond valuable. What I've walked away with is that I'm less blocked and ready to deal with any writing issues that I have. Thank you!"

Judy Schwartz-Naber

"Just Write Virtual Workshop gave me the opportunity to focus - follow one course until successful - at least for 3 hours! 🙂  I loved having a specific time and amount of time set aside on my calendar to work on a particular writing task.  Writing is something that  needs to be done on a regular basis for one thing or another in my business, and it is the one thing I least like to do and it always makes me procrastinate."

"I loved the Just Write Workshop! Here's what I liked... thinking about what I wanted to work on ahead of time, your “rules” about free writing, and reminding me to take one step at a time.

You reminded us to just write, let it flow, and let it come out. And participating in this workshop really got my flow going. Thanks, Dawn!"

Jeanette Eleff

"I loved the Just Write Virtual Workshop! It was exactly the jump start I needed to resume work on my stalled writing project. The structure of the workshop was great... the check-ins were perfectly timed, and a nice break from writing. Instead of feeling stressed by trying to write for too long without a break, I stayed relaxed and in the flow. I've since learned to loosen up my definition of "writing," and keep myself in balance by working for manageable periods of time. As a spiritual writer, I feel I've found the perfect teacher in you. You helped me tap into my creative core in an effortless way. Thank you, Dawn!"

"I loved the Just Write! Virtual Workshop. It was a very enjoyable, supportive and highly productive experience.

I was very stuck, and the workshop really helped move me forward in several of my writing projects. By making the commitment to write at a specific time, call in, and define my own goals for each period, I got so much done and it felt great. The format and Dawn’s gentle instructions and suggestions throughout the workshop were perfect to support my writing goals. Also, Dawn’s pre-workshop questions and suggestions helped prepare me for the workshop. By breaking down the 4 hours, it never felt overwhelming and broke down it into highly productive chunks of time.

Being able to move to various writing projects, I never got bogged down in any one project, yet made great headway on all of them.

The timing, length of each segment, and the check-ins kept the momentum going, yet didn’t feel intrusive. I was actually surprised how quickly the time passed and how much I got done!

This workshop enabled me to move several critical projects ahead in relatively short time frames. I was also able to identify and work according to the energy I felt at the top of each session.

It was a great productive experience! Hope to make these a regular part of my writing life."

"Dawn's Just Write workshop is easily worth twice the cost. You cannot imagine the power of her system until you have done it. I got more done in one afternoon than I have been able to accomplish on my own in weeks. And I used to write for a living! If you're even thinking about it, just register. You won't regret it."

"To my utter amazement, I very much enjoyed the Just Write! workshop. I liked the togetherness with the other writers; sharing everyone's stumbling blocks and successes was very powerful. The most important thing I learned is to take time to prepare, to brainstorm. This workshop gave me that time. I will definitely be back!"

Beatrice Ten-Thye

"I enjoyed have the guilt-free time/space to write. And pushing up against some of the things that usually get in my way of writing. The best thing about the workshop was having regimented time to write and to understand that I need to segment my writing and to declare what I'm going to write about for what purpose."

Melissa D.

“I'm really excited and just wanted to share with everyone that my pug children's book is finally out in the world. I wrote this during a Just Write Workshop and did the press release during the 15 days of writing for 15 minutes a day. Thanks so much, Dawn, for arranging sacred writing time.”

"I really enjoyed the Just Write! Virtual Workshop. I benefited from hearing other writers' woes and your helpful hints to just write - badly. It was very heartening to hear others detail their writing fears and hangups. I'm not alone! And your suggestions on how to prepare to write, setting the environment, knowing what you want to write about, following your energy, understanding that writing is an individual process.... were so valuable!"

Laurie Cohen

"Dawn’s virtual writing course was just what the doctor ordered. As a coach and former journalist and speechwriter, the workshop helped me honor my declaration to work on a writing project that is critical for me. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get into flow. My output today exceeded my expectations. Dawn’s winning formula of supporting a community of writers with a modicum of structure and a lot of encouragement was just right for me. I’m ready for the next Just Write! Virtual Workshop!"

Clarice Scriber, M.S., MCC

"I needed to jumpstart some personal projects, but never seemed to find the time. I always stay focused on client work. The longer I stayed away from these projects, the harder it was to begin.

Dawn's workshop helped boost my enthusiasm and project momentum with some serious blocks of writing time. I was excited to see just how much I had accomplished by focusing on my project list - without distraction. I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone needing to jumpstart writing projects."

Angela Wilson

"Coaching with Dawn was more than I expected. There was support for me as well as the sharing of techniques that were specific to me. Not only me personally in a broad sense, but also specific to where I was in my process. There were times when I would end our conversations having not only come to a realization about a problem or dilemma that I had not been aware of that was holding me back, but also with the solution to that dilemma. Things that I know, looking back, would have taken me weeks or months to work through, I was able to identify and problem solve after one session.

I had not acknowledged the extent to which my negative self-talk got in the way of my productivity and creativity. Dawn's gentle but firm approach was ceaseless in guiding to that awareness and encouraging me to take a more positive approach, not only to my project, but to myself. At this point, I am more supportive of myself and the creative process.

There were times in talking with Dawn that I already had all the answers; it just took the trust in the relationship that she built with me to confirm those answers. It's like talking through a situation with a best friend that you trust to tell you the truth that you already know. As a result of those experiences, I now trust myself more and spend less energy second guessing and more on just enjoying the process.

As a result of coaching with Dawn, I am going to finish the project that she helped me with. I realize now that my biggest enemy is my time/schedule and not some inherent weakness in my abilities."

Dessie Z.
Prunedale, California

"Dawn and I have done a lot of work on refining my business systems and marketing copy. I had done a lot of training with other teachers and had a good base started for my business. But Dawn's systems-oriented mind is really helping me take each part of my marketing and business and refine it. Dawn's encouraging feedback on my weekly accountability emails has been really helpful, as have just taking the time to write a detailed reflection on how I'm doing for the week. I've also really appreciated the monthly Just-Write Virtual Writing Workshops to have focused time for writing in community."

"With Dawn's wise counsel, expertise and coaching, I've shifted from "I can't write" to "I'm a writer, who knew?!" Under her guidance, I've successfully co-authored a chapter in a published book, drafted all my website copy, and started a blog! This came after years of "stuckness" and procrastination.

Dawn helped me get out of my own way by listening deeply to what I was saying, feeling and wanting. She then helped find creative strategies that fit me and provided constant encouragement and direct feedback along the way. She is a rigorous accountability partner, yet we shared a lot of laughter and fun too. I highly recommend Dawn - she is a wonderful person, trusted business partner and friend."

Lee Ann Wurster-Naefe, PCC

"Dawn immediately touched my heart from the moment of our first conversation. She is authentic, warm, cheery and caring. I had the pleasure of being coached by a special someone that is connected and true to her Self. Her end result is always the same; for her clients to speak their inner voice. She regularly stated that every one of us has something important to share with the world. We just have to find a way to let it out without judgment and criticism. Dawn was my way of allowing the message to surface and let it go through writing.

Dawn gave me generous and much needed support and guidance to dig deeper, and still continue to be true to myself. We quickly gloss things over when deep issues arise, not wanting to face them, but Dawn continued to encourage me and always expected me to do my best. She challenged me to see things differently and to believe in my message, as well as the writing process.

Dawn’s coaching empowers and challenges you to work deep; to find the core of your thoughts; to hear your voice; and to authentically be who you really are. Her process of writing is very healing. I highly recommend Dawn for the novice to the advanced. She gave me the confidence and trust to believe in me. Thank you, Dawn. I bless you for all you have done to help me."

Desiree Leigh Thompson, Ph.D

"Before I started working with Dawn, I was struggling with how to revise the message on my association website. I felt it wasn't focused on what was best for my audience of virtual assistants. Once Dawn reviewed my content, she asked me to describe what I ultimately wanted visitors to do. Then she gave me some ideas around how to share that message and craft the content. As a result of Dawn's coaching, my association members have gotten engaged and helped with the new design. I have learned to keep asking 'what's in it for them' as I continue working on the site. Dawn is exactly what I needed -- an impartial set of eyes!"

"Dawn's 15 minute writing challenge was just what I needed to jar me loose from my writing inertia and get me moving. It re-energized me when I could see the forward progress I was making daily on a variety of writing projects I'd been struggling with. And it's amazing what you can get done in such a short time! Her supportive, gentle nudging as well as great insights I found to be very valuable."

Cherryll Sevy

"Dawn, I was suffering from writer's block when it came to my eBook - a free gift that was essential to my list building. In just 15 minutes a day for the three weeks we wrote together, I went from zero pages to over 20 pages of my first draft.

As I continue to develop and edit it, I find that my writer's block is cured! And as always, writing in your presence made the creative process feel effortless, non-judgmental and productive. I never knew 15 minutes could be so powerful. I plan to sign up for the 15-Minutes-A-Day Writing Challenge again and again!"

"WOW! It's amazing how much you can get done when you set the intention, take the time, and participate in the 15 minutes a day for 15 days challenge. I was able to get a huge number of edits done for my next book, develop scripts, and compose letters, among other things, over the course of the three weeks. Dawn was encouraging while providing the accountability that I needed to get writing done that I had let pile up. Having a group of other folks writing at the same time was great. I would do this over and over again!"

Laurren L. Darr

“I'm really excited and just wanted to share with everyone that my pug children's book is finally out in the world. I wrote this during a Just Write Workshop and did the press release during the 15 days of writing for 15 minutes a day. Thanks so much, Dawn, for arranging sacred writing time.”

"I LOVE WHAT YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm too friggin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is really me right?  Gonna need a pinch......and I'm not even making money yet!  LOL!!"

Paula G. Rosario

"How great it is that you have a writing voice that is so up my alley and you are amazingly intuitive and creative and knowledgeable all at the same time! I feel so fortunate!! Thank you!"

Marilee Tolen, RN

"Working with Dawn has exponentially increased my writing skill and removed barriers impacting my motivation to pick up the pen and write. She is positive, supportive and knowledgeable. Her methods for teaching encouraged me fill the scary white blank page with creative new ways to get points across. She made the writing fun!

Since working with Dawn, the return on my investment of time and money has well exceeded my expectations. I no longer run from the opportunity to say yes to proposals, articles, and blog entries. In addition, Dawn is an excellent and affirming editor with great suggestions for improving anything I write."

Roselyn Kay, MSOD, PCC

"I'm not really a fan of writing. In fact, it's one of those things that I dread and will put off endlessly. However, I struggle with the fact that I have plenty of things to say and an uncertainty around getting it on paper. I can imagine that this may be true for many people!

Working with Dawn does not simply leave you with the joy of having written something, FINALLY. What she does is work with you to dig deep and find out what the real obstacles are that are keeping you from writing. For me personally it was scheduling issues and accountability. I once attended one of her Just Write Workshops and found that I had been so productive with my writing AND happy with the result. This I feel was due to having to be accountable and having set aside the time for the workshop. Plus, registering for a workshop represents a commitment and investment in my own endeavors, so it's easier to make and take the time, I've found.

In addition to the workshops, Dawn offers one-on-one coaching which is VERY valuable as it allows her to help you find solutions quickly and help you develop a strategy that works specifically for you. Whatever you need, Dawn can assist you with finding your voice and help you write from your soul."

Amy Suzanne Taggart, CEO

Are you ready to join the Club?

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Easy, peasy! Your membership will renew automatically each month on the day of the month you originally signed up. For example, if you sign up on 5th, your membership will renew each month on the 5th. Easy, too, and you save bucks, $34 to be exact… almost two months’ free by signing up for a year. Your membership will automatically renew on your membership anniversary. For example, if you sign up on February 5, your membership will renew each February 5.


About Dawn

DSC_2421 adj Crop_500pxDawn Shuler is the Guardian Angel of Your Business!

She believes that each of us has something amazing to offer to the world, and that the more we can tap into our authentic selves, the happier and more successful we’ll be.

As a soulful business coach, she works with female entrepreneurs (and a few enlightened men!) on systems, strategy, and content marketing.

With her amazing clients, Dawn helps them to establish goals to move their businesses forward; strategize manageable, doable actions to reach those goals; and create powerful, authentic content that connects them to their tribe… almost always with a focus on systems to make life and business easier.

She is the author of Ready, Set, Write, a manual on creativity with over 50 strategies to unlock and unleash your ideas, as well as Find Your Moments, an inspirational book on being fully present in the moment.

Dawn’s soul purpose is to help entrepreneurs unleash their authentic selves into their businesses. She creates products, programs, and trainings to help business owners connect more powerfully, reach more people, and make a true difference with their work.

You can find out more about her at, the parent site of the Creating Content Club.