How smoothly is your business running?

If it’s purring like a kitten, congratulations! I’m betting you have some kick-ass systems, processes, and team in place.

If not, or you want to maximize what you already do have going, take a look at some of the products I offer. 

I have a variety of products and services to help you tap into your deep purpose, find the powerful words, market your services and products like a champ, and connect to your target market… tools you can use right here, right now. No live classes. No schedule commitment. No waiting around for someone else.

Where would you like to start?


SoulDeeper_Button_178x219Writing From Your Soul Intensive Toolkit

The Complete follow-up system from the free Writing From Your Soul 13-step process. The Intensive Toolkit provides more tools and resources in the form of audio guides, checklists, worksheets, and articles to help you tap deeply into your purpose and connect with your target audience. (The Intensive System also includes the Ready, Set, Write From Your Soul Toolkit.) For the writer who wants to fully tap into her soul and unleash her power and brilliance.

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ReadySetWriteSoul_3Dicon_smReady, Set, Write From Your Soul

This 100-page manual details the various ways of how you process information (and how you can use that to help you get started with writing more easily), more than 50 strategies to help you brainstorm, generate ideas, and get you past any stuck points in your writing, as well as an extensive resource library. You get worksheets, examples, tools, resources, and step-by-step instructions for applying these strategies to your writing. Ideal for the writer or business owner who wants to explore and unleash her creativity, have fun with her marketing and writing, and inject some energy into her work.

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And if you need more support, I have several coaching packages, including a one-hour Content Strategy Consultation, that probably fit right where you are.

You really don’t have to do this all by yourself. I’ve been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for over 13 years, and I can see the big picture as well as the details that make up what you’re trying to do. Imagine having your brand and message – as well as powerful content in the form of articles, products, services, programs, sales pages – that so accurately reflects your burning desire that had you start your business in the first place!

Check out the coaching packages I offer, and let’s make your business rock!

Or… you might find the Creating Content Club an easy way to get the tools, support, classes, and time to write and create loads of content! One low monthly price and tons of resources at your fingertips!