A Little Bit of This and That Author Training Bundle

Having trouble getting organized to write your book?

Would you love to figure out why you keep resisting and procrastinating writing your book?

Does the whole idea of all you have to do to write, publish, and market your book make you want to bang your head?

Then, I have the perfect solution for you!

The Little Bit of This and That Author Bundle is the perfect companion to guide you every step and through every hurdle of the writing process.

What in the world is A Little Bit of This and That Author Bundle? It’s a compilation of trainings perfect for would-be and established authors.  You see, about a million years ago, I took over AuthorSmart, a company devoted to offering trainings in all aspects of book writing, publishing, and marketing.  (I led AuthorSmart for a couple of years after I took it over.  I morphed it into other things like Writing From Your Soul as it took a ton of energy and time to market, host, and design 3-4 trainings PER month.)

For the 4-5 years AuthorSmart was in existence, it put on close to 100 trainings, with an amazing range of topics (social media to publish your book, indexing, going from writing to speaking, interviewing, marketing your book to corporate).  What  has seemed smart to me has been to put this material together in different categories and bundles.

This particular package, A Little Bit of This And That Author Bundle, is exactly what it says… a buffet of different topics for the would-be author as well as the experienced author.  Please keep in mind some small amount of the resources and information might be slightly outdated, but I’ve done my best to choose trainings for this bundle that are evergreen and ever helpful.  🙂

  • 100 Steps to Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book (Dawn Goldberg Shuler) + Handout
  • What Every Self-Help Book Needs to Have (Laurel Marshfield) + Handout
  • Break Through Resistance to Writing (Carol Goldsmith)
  • Front & Back Matter: Important Material Around Your Content (Christine Frank)
  • Get Organized to Write Your Book (Julie Hood)
  • Working With a Ghostwriter (It’s Not Cheating, Really) (Kim Pearson)
  • Become an Author by Thinking Outside the Box (Candace Davenport)

This bundle is only $50 for all 7 trainings…. that’s a little over $7 a piece!  Sign up for your A Little Bit of This And That Author Bundle and get immediate access to the recordings as well as the handouts that go along with the appropriate classes.